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Testimonials - Nature's Treasures

"After a detailed assessment of my eating habits and lifestyle, Angeline has helped me to eat better and be more conscious of my choices by keeping a food diary and following some basic concepts for meal planning.

In only a few months, I have lost weight and have more energy! I look forward to a lifetime benefit of much better eating habits. Thanks so much Angeline!"

    — Lisa Johnson, Ph.D | Post-Doctoral Fellow, Radiation and Cancer Immunotherapy Theme | Trev & Joyce Deeley Research Centre | BC Cancer Agency

"Over the last two years I have had several problems with my general health and meeting Angeline with her knowledge and skills in Holistic Nutrition has helped me greatly. Her advice has helped me enjoy a better quality of life medication free. Thanks."

    — Sincerely, Evelyn

"Dear Angie, After about 6 weeks on the program you arranged for me I found that I had a lot more energy and I didn’t feel so stressed.

Then after a few more weeks went by I also noticed that I had no more joint pain which has been wonderful. I would recommend your assessment and help to everyone, thanks very much."

    — Yours truly, Allan R. Bird

"I really enjoyed my experience with Holistic Nutritionist Angeline Marshall. Her office is a warm, peaceful space and I found her to be genuine, caring, and informed during my nutritional consultation.

I am still applying the ideas and suggestions she supplied during my assessment, and remain inspired to keep moving forward on my path to nutritional health. I highly recommend her services as a step forward in your journey of holistic health. "

    — Leah Henderson

"Natures Treasures has a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. Angeline Marshall is fantastic in her approach and her techniques.

A very thorough intake assessment helps to determine the needs of the client and the integrity of the work speaks for itself. I felt very welcome and definitely comfortable throughout the duration of my stay. It's a great way to treat yourself to just what your body needs!"

    — Stephanii Holmes

"I have enjoyed aromatherapy massages from Angie for several years now. She makes you feel totally comfortable and will adjust the depth and pressure to your liking. Excellent value for all the attention you get. Spa is in the basement of her home, but nicely decorated and private. "

    — Lydia Baran