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About Angeline Marshall at Nature's Treasures

Angeline has worked in the holistic field since 2002, and is currently the Registered Holistic Nutritionist for a local pharmacy. She has a strong belief that the time has come for Pharmaceuticals and Natural remedies to co-exist.

Angeline Marshall

Angeline is passionate about guiding her clients to wellness by looking at the "whole person".

Angeline’s training includes:

She can assess the symptomatology associated with deficiencies and recommends whole foods, supplements, herbals, vitamins & minerals.

Angeline believes that many disorders start from faulty digestion, a result of our modern diet & lifestyle. She guides each client with compassion and sensitivity and approaches each client as an individual that has travelled their own unique path to where they are today.

Begin your path to wellness to put more years in your life, and more life in your years.